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All hail King Captain Harlocka
My friend brought over her Harlock figure. And decided we would have with him, along with my figurines. We decided to make a story, but, Cloud did not like it. Long live king harlock.
Driving away with personal belongings
I thought this would be funny, three of the sugar rush racers driving away with weapons, while Axel, Cloud, and Squall chase after them. This is why you never lend stuff to children. Playing keep away is very popular these days.
All together to have fun
Here you are. Another fun time with your favorite pals. With Ralph, Vanellope, and Cloud. Best pals already, the three of them.
Cloud and Minty Zaki
Thought this would be cute Cloud having Minty sitting on his shoulder. I will eventually do more crossover figure pics like this just gotta come up with the ideas when I have the time. Enjoy this pic.
Jubileena bing bing and Squall Leonhart
I am a figurine collector (obviously), anyway, I decided that this would be cute Squall lending a helping hand to Jubileena. Collecting figures like this and posing them is awesome. I enjoy this a lot doing crossover stuff like this. Crossovers are something you don't see to often. Well enjoy the pic.  
Mariko Luneth once came from a very rich family. He loved his family very much, except, his mother and father were always expecting high expectations from him. Mariko didn't like his parents always pushing him to become a perfect Luneth family member; he just wanted his parents to except him for who he was. Mariko especially hated when his parents compared him to his three older sisters:  Reneal, Annette, and Darnell. All three of his sisters were 15 years of age; Mariko was only 9 years of age. Anyway, Mariko's sisters loved it when Mariko was scolded by their parents, their parents telling him that he never did anything right. That he should be ashamed of being a part of the Luneth family.

Mariko loved his family a lot, he just didn't want to be perfect all the time, and he just wanted to be himself. Reneal and Darnell would always make fun of Mariko because he would do badly in his lessons. Except for Annette, Mariko was really close with Annette than any other of his sisters. Annette would always comfort Mariko, telling him that he should do the best that he can in his life. Annette would tell him that he shouldn't care about what Reneal or Darnell and their parents say about him, that he should do what he thinks is best for him. Mariko was happy that he had a sister that cared about what he was going through. In secret, Mariko told Annette that when he was older he wanted to be a powerful mage, and that he was going to join a guild. But, he wasn't sure which guild he wanted to join.

In reality, Mariko's father and mother, Clarence and Lydia Luneth, wanted Mariko to take over the family business. Mariko didn't want to take over the family business when was older, when he told his parents about his situation, they told him that he was much too young to understand and that he was going to do this even if he didn't like it. Mariko envied his sisters because when they were a bit older they could do whatever they wanted with their lives. Mariko thought that his dream on becoming a powerful mage and joining a guild were over, thinking that he would forever run the family business and his parents taking control of his life. Little did Mariko know, his life was going to become a terrible ordeal.

It was night time; the entire Luneth family was having dinner. Suddenly, they heard a loud explosion; the explosion came from the front entrance of their mansion. The entire family went to go see what had happened, they saw that 4 wizards blasted the front doors apart. Clarence asked what the 4 wizards wanted; the 4 wizards told Clarence that they were there to rob him of his entire fortune. The 4 wizards told Clarence that if he didn't give them what they wanted, they were going to kill his family one by one. Clarence was shocked to hear this, he told Lydia to grab the children and run. One of the wizards cast a spell to prevent the family from moving. The 4 wizards told Clarence again to give them what they wanted; Clarence refused to give away what he had. Mariko wished his father would give away the money so the 4 wizards could leave.

One of the wizards grabbed Mariko, Lydia and her daughters screamed, begging the wizards not to harm him. The 4 wizards asked again for the money, Clarence refused to give his money away. The wizard holding Mariko threw him to the floor, the 4 wizards cast fire spells on Mariko. Mariko screamed out in pain, he couldn't endure the flames any longer. The 4 wizards stopped casting their fire spell, Mariko was still alive, the fire spells combined completely burned away his hair and his clothes. His skin was badly burned; Mariko couldn't take any more of this. Next, one of the wizards cast another spell on Mariko, this spell caused cuts to appear on Mariko's body. Mariko howled in misery as the cuts pierced his skin. One of the cuts appeared on the left side of his face, the cut grazed his left eye, leaving the eye completely blind. The wizard ended his spell, and he blasted Mariko into his mother and sisters. Mariko couldn't handle anymore of this pain. Mariko was badly damaged, his appearance was completely distorted.

Lydia and her three daughters were able to move again, they ran towards Mariko, they tried to help him as best they could. Lydia couldn't take much more of this situation, she told her husband to give the 4 wizards what they wanted. Still, Clarence refused to give away his money.  The 4 wizards got angry; they wouldn't tolerate refusals any longer. One of the wizards grabbed Annette, Lydia grabbed Annette's arm and pleaded with the wizard to let her go, Lydia pleaded with the wizard to hurt her instead. The wizard slapped Lydia hard across the face; she fell to the floor crying and begged to the wizards not to harm her daughter. The wizard holding Annette pulled out a knife and held it up to her neck.

The 4 wizards told Clarence that if he didn't give them the money soon, his daughter would die. Mariko watched all of this horror, even though his left eye was damaged, he still could see with his right eye. Mariko couldn't let Annette be killed, he wouldn't let it happen. Mariko always looked up to Annette; he liked it when she was there to comfort him when things looked bad. If she died, Mariko wouldn't be able to bear it with Annette's death.

Mariko told his father to give the 4 wizards the money right now, before Annette was killed. Clarence was in shock, he couldn't believe what had happened to his only son, now Annette was going to suffer the same fate. Clarence knew that he didn't have a choice; he had to give the money or watch Annette die. Clarence finally gave in, he told the 4 wizards he would give them his entire fortune, and told them not to harm Annette. Clarence went to go get the money, Mariko was relieved that his father went to go get the family fortune, and so were his sisters and mother. Annette told Mariko that if she died, she wanted him to live his dream on becoming a powerful mage and to never lose himself in darkness, to trust the one light when things seemed difficult.

Annette told all of this to Mariko with tears in her eyes, the 4 wizards laughed at what she said. Mariko and his sisters even his mother, cried at what she said, Mariko told her not to say those things that she was going to be alright. Annette smiled at Mariko; Mariko just hoped that everything would turnout alright.

Clarence finally came with the money and he gave it to the wizards, he told them that they finally had what they came for, he told them to let Annette go. Mariko, Reneal, Darnell, and his mother were glad that Annette was going to be alright, Mariko was relieved that the 4 wizards were finally going to leave. The 4 wizards looked at one another, the 3 wizards nodded to the wizard holding Annette. Without remorse, the wizard holding Annette took his knife and stabbed her straight in the chest, letting her fall to the ground with the knife still in her chest. The wizards told Clarence that his daughter's death is what he deserved, for making them wait so long for the money. Clarence was shocked, he couldn't believe his eyes, and Annette was killed because of him. Because he was to selfish on refusing to give his money away, that he didn't realize that he was putting his family at risk.

Mariko was the most shocked of all; he couldn't believe what had happened to Annette. The sister that he loved so much, the sister that comforted him when he was upset, was taken away from him. Lydia, Reneal, and Darnell yelled out in misery for Annette, she was gone forever there was nothing they could do to bring her back. Suddenly, Mariko heard a small sound, the sound came from Annette. Mariko realized that Annette was still alive, the knife that pierced her didn't touch her heart, but, Annette was losing amounts of blood. There was still some life left in Annette, but, she was getting close to death's clutches. Even though Mariko was still badly injured, he used what was left of his strength and crawled over to Annette's body. Mariko grabbed Annette's hand and used his other hand to gently lift the back of Annette's head, so she could see him properly.

Mariko could tell that Annette wanted to say something to him, so he listened to what she had to say. Annette squeezed Mariko's hand, she told him not to be sad about her death, and she told him that he should stay strong and that he should never stray into a path of darkness. Annette even said that if he ever became a powerful mage, he should use his powers to protect the people he cared about and to never hurt the innocent. Again, she said that if he ever lost himself in darkness, he would have to trust the one light. A light that would guide him out of a difficult situation, if he ever thought that he was forever trapped in darkness with no means of escape.

Mariko promised all of this to Annette, Annette smiled she was glad. Mariko didn't want his sister to die he knew he could save her, but, Annette lost too much blood she closed her eyes and moved no more. Mariko couldn't believe that Annette was dead, but he had to accept it. The 4 wizards told Mariko that he could never become a powerful mage; they told him that he was stupid and weak for thinking such a thing. But, Mariko wasn't listening; he was so full of anger, rage, and hatred. He said out loud why humans have to be so cruel, why do humans never value the life of other people, why is it that loved ones have to be taken away by malicious intent just so humans can get what they want? Suddenly, out of nowhere, a deep voice spoke. Saying, "Why, indeed." to what Mariko was questioning about. Everybody heard the voice including the 4 wizards; Mariko heard it as well, wondering where the voice was coming from.

The deep voice introduced itself as the Evil Will; the Evil Will could sense Mariko's powerful emotions of anger, rage, and hatred. The Evil Will told Mariko that what he experienced just now, would repeat itself on and on with other families. The Evil Will told Mariko that he was living in a world of never ending pain, that humans are responsible for the death of loved ones. That, humans will keep on repeating the process of taking away innocent lives. The Evil Will said to Mariko, that every human on the planet, never value the life of other innocent beings. The Evil Will also said to Mariko, that no matter where he tried to hide, the pain of losing someone dearest to him would never stop. Pain is what defines humans, pain is a never ending cycle, and inflicting pain is what every human does best. Humans will never care about the true meaning of life. Mariko agreed to everything what the Evil Will just said.

The Evil Will told Mariko that he could help him achieve his dream of becoming a powerful mage. Mariko accepted the Evil Wills help, asking it how he can receive his true powers. The Evil Will told Mariko on how to unlock his true powers; Mariko had to give into his emotions of pure hatred to unlock the powers within himself. The Evil Will said to Mariko that he had to remember the most painful memory contained within his mind, a memory so powerful that it would ignite his emotions of anger, rage, and hatred. Mariko chose the memory of Annette dying; it was the most painful one that he could think of. Then, Mariko could feel the rage and anger building up within him, the hatred that he felt towards the 4 wizards was overwhelming him. Mariko had never felt this angry before in his life.

The Evil Will now told Mariko to give into his overwhelming hatred so he could gain his powers. Mariko gave into his hatred, finally unlocking the true power within himself. Mariko's family and the 4 wizards watched what was happening to Mariko in shock; they just stood there watching him, as if they were paralyzed. The Evil Will told Mariko that now was the time to avenge his sister's death, now was the time for Mariko to show the 4 wizards how wrong they were for calling him weak. The 4 wizards cast numerous spells on Mariko, trying to destroy him, but the spells had no effect on Mariko. Mariko was so enraged at the 4 wizards for killing Annette; he used the memory of Annette's death as his source of power which enraged him even further. Then, unexpectedly, Mariko started to transform in a big demon.

This was Mariko's first demonic form, a demonic form known as Discord. Mariko had two other demonic forms, both were known as Apocolypto and Apocalypse. Mariko was in control of Discord, but not for much longer. When the Evil Will saw that Mariko transformed into Discord, it took its chance and started manipulating Discord. Mariko's family and the 4 wizards stared in horror at Mariko's new transformation; all of them could not believe that a single child, at such a young age, was capable of this kind of power. The Evil Will scanned the 4 wizards memories, searching for the most malicious memories the 4 wizards contained within their minds, the 4 wizards screamed out in pain when the Evil Will scanned their memories.

The Evil Will used the malicious memories as a source of power for Discord. The Evil Will transferred the malicious memories into Discord, fueling the demon with more rage and anger, increasing its powers. Mariko's family and the 4 wizards tried to escape the mansion, but they could not. The Evil Will set up barriers around the mansion, to prevent anyone from escaping.

Discord started to prepare itself with a dark magical attack known as: "Demonic Anger Roar", with help from the Evil Will. Discord's anger, rage, and hatred were absolute at the 4 wizards, now it was time for Mariko to avenge Annette's death. The dark magical attack that Discord was about to unleash, is extremely destructive, the 4 wizards and Mariko's family were about to learn how destructive Discord's power actually was. Discord released its dark magical attack on the 4 wizards; the magical attack annihilated the wizards permanently. But, the magical attack also ended up killing the rest of Mariko's family, and, destroying the entire mansion in the process. The Evil Will stopped manipulating Discord; the Evil Will was extremely satisfied about Mariko's new powers. Discord changed back to Mariko, Mariko was worn out, his magical energy had depleted, making him become exhausted. Mariko looked around to see what had happened, he was shocked to see his entire home completely gone, and he was even more shocked to see the dead bodies of his other family members lying on the ground.

Mariko went to the dead bodies of his family, tears wet his face, they didn't have to die, Mariko thought, this was his entire fault. Mariko blamed himself for what he did to his family, he couldn't bring them back, all he wanted was to avenge Annette, but he had to drag his family to their early deaths just because of his powerful hatred for humans. Mariko swore to himself that he would never again rely too heavily on any of his demonic forms. The Evil Will told Mariko that he did well on destroying the 4 wizards, and that he should be happy for unlocking the true powers within him. Mariko told the Evil Will that he wasn't happy with what he did; he said that he was scared about his powers. The Evil Will told Mariko that it would reside within him and guide him on how to control his powers. Mariko didn't like the idea of the Evil Will being within him for the rest of his life.
Mariko didn't really have any other choice but to rely on the Evil Will as a companion, how could he, when the rest of his family was dead because of him. But, as the years went by, Mariko traveled to towns or any other place that he could call home. However, as he tried to settle down in a new place, troublesome situations would happen. Mariko would lose control of his demonic forms and end up bringing total destruction to an entire town. But of course, the Evil Will was manipulating Mariko, forcing Mariko to transform into his demonic form and destroying peaceful places. No matter how many times Mariko tried to settle down in peaceful towns, the towns would end up in ruin because of him. Mariko was starting to suspect that the Evil Will was using his powers to bring total chaos to the entire planet, Mariko realized that town after town that he's ever been in, were left completely demolished, by manipulation from the Evil Will.

Mariko figured out what the Evil Will's intentions were, the Evil Will's plan was to help Mariko reach his 3rd demonic form: Apocalypse. Apocalypse was Mariko's most powerful and the most destructive of his demonic forms, it was also his final demonic form. The Evil Will was planning to manipulate Apocalypse, to use the demon's power to destroy the entire planet. Mariko wasn't going to let the Evil Will's plan be carried out. Mariko vowed to himself that he would never reach his final demonic form. Mariko would also find a way to suppress the Evil Will within him, because of the type of magic he possessed. Mariko knew that he was going to suffer with the Evil Will within him for the rest of his life; he was going to keep his demonic powers and the Evil Will a secret from everyone else including his past life.

But, one day Mariko won't have to suffer with the dark power within him, he will eventually come across the one light. The light that Mariko would have to trust, the one light that would guide him out of the path of eternal darkness.


Sergio Rodriguez
United States
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